Browser Checkup released

Kevin Altis (
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 08:38:23 +0100

As a followup to my earlier Browser Checkup alpha announcement I wanted to
let everyone on the list know that my Browser Checkup tool
<> is up and running for real now. In
addition, I have added a check so that when somebody accesses the City.Net
homepage, if I detect that they're using an "old" version of their browser,
then I prepend a note to the HTML suggesting that they get a Browser
Checkup. Hopefully, this will help with the "normal" users that would never
check to see what version of a browser they're using. If you don't see your
browser supported in Browser Checkup it is probably because the developers
for that particular browser never sent me any information. Eventually, I
hope to share this code with the Net, but I still consider it alpha, so the
code won't be available for at least a few months.

Comments are most welcome, but please send them directly to me, rather than replying to the whole list.

If you're a browser developer you can help me out by sending the following

Browser name: Platform: Latest version #: Latest release date: URL to the home page for the browser and/or sites to get the latest version: Example User-agent fields from both old and new versions of your browser:

I would also like to maintain a *short* paragraph of information on bug fixes, new features (FORMs, TABLEs, etc.) in the latest release of your browser as an incentive to get people to upgrade. If you have that kind of information, pass it along.




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