Re: Virtual Places --- Enhance Your Web with Human Presence

lilley (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 15:38:55 +0100

Marjorie Schejter> wrote:

> We would like to invite you to explore adding human presence to your
> Web site, using our Virtual Places software.

Looking at the open_sesame install script which is retrieved by a link from


I counted two ocurrences of

rm -rf $some-directory

and an automatic chaining to another script, which cannot be checked
because the first one has not fetched it yet.

This sort of thing makes folks nervous. Echoing something like "about
to delete these files now, ok? (yes/no/abort)" followed by a listing of the
directory about to be wiped, would give me more confidence. Also, I
would prefer to execute the second, install, script *after* I had read
it. Just a couple of small points. Or do other folks on the list think
I am being over cautious?

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