Virtual Places --- Enhance Your Web with Human Presence

Marjorie Schejter (
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 22:35:50 +0100

We would like to invite you to explore adding human presence to your
Web site, using our Virtual Places software. A beta version of our
software is now available for free for general use for Sparcstations
running SunOS 4.1.3 and Solaris 2.3, HP9000/7XX series running
HP/UX9.X, and Silicon Graphics Indy (SGI) running IRIX 5.2. Sesame for
Windows will be available during 1Q95.

Virtual Places is a client-server extension to the Web, consisting of
the Doors Server and the Sesame Navigator. By installing a Doors
server in parallel with your Web server, people who use Sesame will be
able to meet each other at your Web pages, interact in real-time using
text chat and audio, and conduct guided tours of your site and
of other Virtual Places sites.

The software is available as follows:

* on the Web at

* via anonymous ftp at or - take the
file pub/outgoing/sesame/open_sesame for the Sesame Navigator and
pub/outgoing/doors_server/open_doors for the Doors Server.
(Make the files executable using <chmod +x> and run.)

Additional information about Ubique and Virtual Places is at our
virtual headquarters <>. You are welcome
to meet our staff there, using Sesame.

If you have questions not answered by these sources, feel free to
contact me directly.

Marjorie Schejter (
Ubique, The Virtual Places Company