Re: Web server name?

lilley (
Fri, 20 Jan 1995 17:48:09 +0100

Nick Arnett said:

> Thus, it's occurred to us that we'd like to see a way to ask a server
> "What's your name?" and get back something like "Verity Corporate
> Information."

Ok,so far so good

> Is anyone else thinking about this? Shall we just forge ahead and make a
> proposal for a way to implement this? I'm thinking that perhaps it should
> be an element in the header of the default document. Ideas?

How does this cope with multiple weblets on the same server? For
example the Computer Graphics Unit, Geology Department, MAN T&EC and
University of Manchester and Manchester Computiing Centre are all on the
same server at the same port, just in different parts of the document
tree. We would want a different name for each part.

Strikes me this could be done with rules in the config file, rather like
CERN httpd's use of pass rules.

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