Re: Identifying scripts by file extension?

Kevin Altis (
Tue, 15 Feb 1994 19:31:54 --100

At 12:12 PM 2/15/94 +0000, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>I'm pretty sure we can become HyTime compliant while were at it. Consider:
>in stead of:
> See <A HREF="foo.html">the foo section</a> for more.
> <httploc id="home" host="host.domain" path="/dir1/dir2/file">
> <relloc id=rel1 locsrc="home" path="foo.html">
> See <A linkend=rel1>the foo section</a> for more.
>in stead of:
> See <A HREF="ftp://host/dir/file.tex">fred's thesis</a> for more.
> <ftploc id=ftp1 host="" dir="/host/dir" file="file.tex"
> content-type="text/x-latex">
> See <A linkend="http1">fred's thesis</a> for more.

Regarding HyTime compliance: When I don't have to type that junk and when
my HTML(+) editor remembers all the syntaxes for me, then I'm all for
HypTime compliance. Until then, HyTime can stay outside in the vaporware