Re: Identifying scripts by file extension?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Tue, 15 Feb 1994 19:58:11 --100

In message <>, Kevin Altis writes:
>Regarding HyTime compliance: When I don't have to type that junk and when
>my HTML(+) editor remembers all the syntaxes for me, then I'm all for
>HypTime compliance. Until then, HyTime can stay outside in the vaporware

Thank you for your enlightening and persuasive editorial comments on
the future of building high-integrity Web documents. ;-)

Get a clue. Think ahead a little. Information is too valuable to trust
to hacked systems. We need to get this right. We don't have to build a
whole HyTime system to write HyTime compliant documents. Hacked up
tools are fine, as long as the data is compliant with a well-defined
formalism. If we develop HyTime compliant docs now, and full-blown
HyTime systems come along, we will have all our valuable information
ready to use.