Call For Discussion on HTML/HTML+ design

Daniel W. Connolly (
Tue, 15 Feb 1994 19:46:45 --100

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[I apologize for the wide distribution of this notice, but I need
to start getting this discussion archived, and www-talk has a
handy hypertext archive.]

The WWW project has recently experienced TREMENDOUS growth, and there
has been a lot of discussion lately about HTML standardization. The
current IETF draft specification of HTML has is expiring, and it's
time to replace it.

Attached are
(1) an mh-alias file that I'm using to define the forum.
(2) an edited collection of misc articles and relavent specs

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# HTML design discussion forum...
html-design: Dan Connolly -- HTML draft spec author <>,\
Tim Berners-Lee -- WWW Project Lead <>,\
Dale Dougherty -- GNN Publisher <>,\
Dave_Raggett -- HTML+ draft spec author <>,\
Dave Hollander -- SDL designer <>,\
Elliot Kimber -- HyTime advocate <>,\
Peter Flynn -- HTML educator<>,\
Rob McCool -- NCSA representative<>,\
Erik Naggum -- SGML advocate <>,\
WWW Talk List -- Archive Mechanism <>

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HTML Successor Design Notebook

Daniel W. Connolly <>

$Id: html_design.html,v 1.3 1994/02/15 18:35:08 connolly Exp connolly $


The World Wide Web Initiative: The Project
People involved in the WorldWideWeb project

Current (Published Normative) Specs

IETF draft spec of text/html content-type<= /A>
Remote file
ftp://15.254.100= .100/pub/htmlplus.dtd.txt

Current (Informative Changing) specs

HyperText Mark-up Language
http:= //
How to write HTML files
http://curia.ucc= .ie/info/net/htmldoc.html


WWW-TEI Meeting 19-20th November 1993
http:/= /


WWW Talk hypertext archive
htt= p://
comp.text.sgml index
wais:// xt.sgml
Remote file t<= /A>
Re: WWW and Hytime (was Explicit Linking is Impossible)
wais:// 210;2=3D/local/ftp/lib/wais/comp.text.sgml;3=3D0%2011048%20/local/ftp/pub/= SGML/comp.text.sgml/by.msgid/;4=3Difi.=;5=3D/local/ftp/lib/wais/comp.text.sgml;6=3D0%2011048%20/local= /ftp/pub/SGML/comp.text.sgml/by.msgid/ ;7=3D%00;
WWW and Hytime %28was Explicit Linking is Impossible%29 (in comp.text.= sgml)
wais:// time+%28was+Explicit+Linking+is+Impossible%29
WEK: HTML DTD and HyTime
wais:// 210;2=3D/local/ftp/lib/wais/comp.text.sgml;3=3D0%2012392%20/local/ftp/pub/= SGML/comp.text.sgml/by.msgid/;4=3Difi.=;5=3D/local/ftp/lib/wais/comp.text.sgml;6=3D0%2012392%20/local= /ftp/pub/SGML/comp.text.sgml/by.msgid/ ;7=3D%00;
Request for a valid HTML.DTD @ CERN
wais:// /comp.text.sgml/TEXT/12992/;2=3D/local/ftp/lib/wais/co= mp.text.sgml;3=3D0%2012992%20/local/ftp/pub/SGML/comp.text.sgml/by.msgid/4=;;5=3D/local/ftp/lib/wais/comp.tex= t.sgml;6=3D0%2012992%20/local/ftp/pub/SGML/comp.text.sgml/by.msgid/4E74%40=;7=3D%00;

Related Specs


Related Projects

GNN Home Page
http://nearnet.gnn= .com/gnn/GNNhome.html

Notes on Tools

This document was composed by:
  1. Reading news with GNUS on lemacs at an X terminal, saving articles in= mh-mail folders
  2. Browsing the comp.text.sgml archive with the emacs interface to WAIS over a dial-up connection.
  3. Retracing my steps with Mosiac and creating a hot-list.
  4. Mailing the hotlist to myself to get it into HTML.
  5. Editing the resulting hotlist with html-mode in lemacs.
  6. Validating the result with sgmls and a local copy of the HTML DTD.
  7. Archiving the result locally with RCS
  8. Using mhn to build a MIME message out of the results.

It's too bad that a lot of the audit trail gets lost when building these things. For example, I've coded links to some USENET news articles as WAIS URL's. Even though I know the message-id of the news article and some of my readers may have copies of those articles locally, I cannot express the link to them in HTML.

It's also too bad that the hotlist feature of Mosiac doesn't use HTML in the first place.

These are things I hope we fix soon.

I tried to use www -listrefs to generate a plaintext version, but I couldn't get it to work like I wanted... I think I gotta get tkWWW installed around here!

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