front-end for interactively controlling xmosaic from command line

Vinay Kumar (
Thu, 2 Sep 93 10:47:50 PDT

In my spare time, i wrote this small script which acts as a
front-end for controlling NCSA's xmosaic WWW browser interactively
from command line. I personally found it very useful. You may ftp this
program called "ss" or slideshow from: (

Please do not throw brickbats at me if you don't like any or every part of
it, just drop in your comments very politely to me:


------------------Here is the README------------------------------

"ss" or slideshow program is a front end for interactively controlling NCSA's
xmosaic WWW viewer from command line.

ss [filename]

where <filename> is any ascii text file containing URL's, with one
URL per line. check the file "url-show" included with this distribution.

If no <filename> is provided, then URL's need to be provided interactively
on command line for xmosaic to display the URL.


  Vinay Kumar