Re: front-end for interactively controlling xmosaic from command line
Tue, 07 Sep 93 13:31:34 +0100

In your message of Thu, 02 Sep 93 10:47:50 PDT, you say:

>In my spare time, i wrote this small script which
>front-end for controlling NCSA's xmosaic WWW browser interactively
>from command line. I personally found it very useful. You may ftp this
>program called "ss" or slideshow from:

I too am interested in this problem. We have started here at our site to put
together some interactive slide-show control programs. They are written in
Tk/Tcl, and give X-based control over a slide-show. These can either be
timed, so that every so often a new "slide" is displayed ( This slide can
be any URL that XMosaic can handle), and also allows for multiple items to be
Also, it can be used as a slide player, with Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind and
Forward buttons. Future additions will include sequencing to sounds and

This is still very beta, but any interest should be directed to OR (authors)

Any discussion on features that could/should be incorporated would be