Problems with httpd_2.07

Nathan Torkington (/S=falken/OU=tnt/
Thu, 2 Sep 1993 09:45:27 +0200

I have installed the httpd_2.07 on a SUN4, but I have had a lot of problems
in accessing my first document.
It turned out that all problems arrised from the rule file, even when I
decided to test it with the -R option. Maybe most of you know that, but
I did not: You have to specify a rule file for the http at least for mapping
http to the file gateway, e.g.

map /* file:/*
pass file:/* file:/Public/*
fail *

O.K. http is running now under the same conditions as before, but how can I
access the wais gateway now, since http is mapped to file?
I cannot manage to access the port of my wais server. Can somebody help me?



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