Re: Linking to style sheets

Mike Batchelor (
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 16:38:42 -0400 (EDT)

Hakon Lie once wrote...
> > I'm also having a problem understanding how to link to a style sheet.
> >
> > <HEAD><TITLE>Class example</TITLE>
> > <LINK REL=StyleSheet HREF="style.sheet">
> > <BODY>
> > <H1>This is a blue header</H1>
> > <H1 CLASS=RED>This is a red header</H1>
> > </BODY>
> >
> > In Arena 0.97g, the status message indicates it is applying the style
> > sheet, but no styles take effect. Arena 0.96s says nothing about applying
> > styles, and no styles take effect. Where am I confused?
> Arena will apply a hardcoded style sheet whenever a document is
> displayed. I will take out the status line message as this can be
> confusing. Otherwise, your example looks fine (remember the </HEAD>),

It seems to only need the <style></style> tags in the included style

> I would need to see the content of "style.sheet" to say what's wrong.

Well, it was using the old style attribute names. I changed it to the new
ones (font.color, back.color) and it works fine now.

But I am having to rsh arena from our SunOS4 machine. The older 0.96s for
Solaris x86 and Linux, the systems I am using for the authoring, don't
understand the new style attributes, they understand the old names
color.text and color.background. I wonder if I might be allowed to do the
ports of the new Arena version to Solaris x86 and Linux.

I'm also getting a handle on how the classes are done in the style sheet.
This is really useful, not only to hint at the presentation, but also for
showing more precisely what a tag means.

address.street: font.color = #FFF;
address.street: back.color = #000; font.color = #00C;

<address class=street>7125 Riverwood Dr, Columbia, MD</address>
<address class=email>Mike Batchelor <a href=""

This very nicely highlights the difference between the two kinds of
addresses, in the tags, and in the browser.

Thanks everyone for your tips and your patience.

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