Re: Linking to style sheets

Mike Batchelor (
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 13:19:16 -0400 (EDT)

Hakon Lie once wrote...
> > Arena 0.97g also doesn't catch on to text.background style attributes, but
> > 0.96s does.

I meant to say "color.background" and that's what my style sheet used.

> The property names for color are:
> font.color
> back.color
> There have been other names in the past (hey, it's labeled
> experimental!), so please let me know if you find references to
> "text.background". Also, note that you can say

I got color.background from the example style.html in the HTML 3 Tour link
off the Arena status page.

an excerpt:
# If you don't know why you see this line, you should probably upgrade to Arena 0.96

h1: align = right
h1: color.text = #F0F0A0
h1: color.background = #900000
h1: margin.left = 0

> font.color = red
> in addition to the hexadecimal color specifications.

I've noticed another quirk, which is not really a big deal, but quirky
nonetheless. For red, any value less than 9 is rendered black, for blue
also, anything less than 9 is rendered black, and for green, anything less
than 7 is rendered black. So you can get a darker green than you can red
or blue. :) Maybe its just my display...

 %%%%%% %%%%%% %%%%%%