Re: www in URL's??

Martin Hamilton (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 13:31:53 +0000

Walter Ian Kaye writes:

| Hmm. What do you think of my domain name? I wanted "" (would have
| made a nice Monty Python reference too), but some imaging company already
| snagged it, and neither "natural" nor "innovations" has any well-known
| abbreviation (natl = national). So, some are long simply because the short
| ones have already been taken! Latecomer? The entire world can't sign up on
| the first day of IANA, and many companies have not yet been born!

Well, that's it! DNS names are quite limited in what they let you
say (length, character set, ...), but it is possible to attach some
semantics. I think the downfall of .com can probably be attributed
to a combination of this and the perception that you don't have an
Internet presence unless there is a www.<yourname>.com

Walter - do any of these alternative "handles" appeal ? (get into [a-z].com before the rush!) (s/-/./) (cf.
Natural Innovations

The last one looks quite nice to me, but there is the small matter of
mapping it onto a DNS entry/entries...

Cheerio, (and Happy New Year :-)