Re: www in URL's??

Walter Ian Kaye (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 04:19:18 -0800

At 3:18a 12/29/95, Martin Hamilton wrote:

> is hard for real people to transcribe
> (fewer hits -> less business?)
> makes it obvious that you're a latecomer
> (ho ho - what a long URL! loser!)
> is _still_ ambiguous!

Hmm. What do you think of my domain name? I wanted "" (would have
made a nice Monty Python reference too), but some imaging company already
snagged it, and neither "natural" nor "innovations" has any well-known
abbreviation (natl = national). So, some are long simply because the short
ones have already been taken! Latecomer? The entire world can't sign up on
the first day of IANA, and many companies have not yet been born!


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