Re: www in URL's??

Matthew James Marnell (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 13:25:35 -0500

:Walter - do any of these alternative "handles" appeal ?
: (get into [a-z].com before the rush!)

The single letter domains are reserved.

: (s/-/./)

I'm surprised more people haven't done this, but then in some cases someone
planned on getting a popular Second Level Domain and selling it for much
more than it's worth.

: (cf.

You might as well just operate from a normal LD number, you'll probably
have just as many people finding it.

: Natural Innovations
:The last one looks quite nice to me, but there is the small matter of
:mapping it onto a DNS entry/entries...

Actually, that's the direction that DNS will likely take in the future,
although how far, who knows, there is some thinking being done on new
TLDs, ways to ditribute registration across different registries, and
other neat things. Now we're a couple miles south of HTML.