Re: Interactive HTML (revised)

Mike Meyer (
Mon, 23 Oct 95 21:07:32 PST

> < You can <a href="mud_environment:turn_on_lights">turn on the lights</a>.
> < This involves no changes whatever to HTML itself, since the grammar of
> < URLs is not part of the HTML spec.
> This is a consideration, and possibly the most preferred action in relation
> to compliance. The only partial problem is the restrictions on URL syntax
> and the way it would create crufty urls as you show above.

This sounds like a pretty standard gateway problem to me. Does it even
need it's own scheme? Why not:

You can <a href="/cgi-bin/action/mud/lights/on">turn on the lights</a>.

Of course, this ties you pretty solidly into the URL syntax
restriction. Going with your own scheme avoids that, as you get a
pretty free hand in defining the syntax you want.