Re: Interactive HTML (revised)

869683 Gillespie Brandon James (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 15:11:35 -0600

<< You can <a href="url" class=action>turn on the lights</a>.
< But if you're inventing your own URL scheme anyway, there's no need for
< the new attribute on the <a> tag --- the use of the new URL scheme itself
< should be enough of a cue for your client software to invoke whatever
< special-case actions you have in mind, e.g.,
< You can <a href="mud_environment:turn_on_lights">turn on the lights</a>.
< This involves no changes whatever to HTML itself, since the grammar of
< URLs is not part of the HTML spec.

This is a consideration, and possibly the most preferred action in relation
to compliance. The only partial problem is the restrictions on URL syntax
and the way it would create crufty urls as you show above.

Also, we are using this in sync with a derivative of SCP from HTTP-NG.
Basically, using multiple interactive 'streams' or channels over the
same connection. Because of this we are still considering how to specify
actions on a specific channel, which may speak a known protocol. For
instance, implementing HTTP over one of the channels, how to specify that
it is a channeled http, rather than regular HTTP requiring its own
connection, possibly to another server? The easiest response is to
duplicate every URL scheme with a prefix to specify that it is channeled,
but I feel this is a very poor approach, and we are fishing for possible

-Brandon Gillespie-

(BTW, this project is not necessarily a 'mud' per se, as that has
connontations of being a game. The environment we are creating can be
used for a variety of purposes, and will also include VRML as a facet
(no game is included, although a game can be built onto what we have)).