Re: Interactive HTML (revised)

lilley (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 10:48:18 +0000 (GMT)

> This is a consideration, and possibly the most preferred action in relation
> to compliance. The only partial problem is the restrictions on URL syntax
> and the way it would create crufty urls as you show above.

Only a problem if humans insert them rather than, say, editor macros or other
> Also, we are using this in sync with a derivative of SCP from HTTP-NG.
> Basically, using multiple interactive 'streams' or channels over the
> same connection.

Right. <A HREF="SCP:stuff">

> Because of this we are still considering how to specify
> actions on a specific channel,

<A HREF="SCP[5]:stuff">

> which may speak a known protocol. For
> instance, implementing HTTP over one of the channels, how to specify that
> it is a channeled http, rather than regular HTTP requiring its own
> connection, possibly to another server?

<A HREF="SCP[5]HTTP:stuff">

> The easiest response is to
> duplicate every URL scheme with a prefix to specify that it is channeled,


> but I feel this is a very poor approach, and we are fishing for possible
> alternatives.

why poor?

> (BTW, this project is not necessarily a 'mud' per se, as that has
> connontations of being a game. The environment we are creating can be
> used for a variety of purposes, and will also include VRML as a facet
> (no game is included, although a game can be built onto what we have)).

I read the cold and ice cold pages. How is the un-named client coming on?

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