Re: where are *WORKING* archives of www-html mailing list?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 01:52:35 -0400

In message <>, Joe Wells writes:
>>>>>> "Dan" == Daniel W Connolly <> writes:
> Joe> are *NOT* working right now and have not been working since October
> Joe> 1. I sent mail to the webmaster at EIT a week ago reporting this
> Joe> failure, but my mail has apparently been ignored.
> Dan> Well, did you send a check with your email message?
>Look, those comments were added to my message to ward off stupid replies
>along the lines of "the archives are at
>" and
>"did you bother to report the failure?". At some point, I have to stop
>adding disclaimers and send the message. But of course, there is always
>someone (in this case *YOU*) looking to find something to twist and
>misinterpret in an excuse to send flames.

Guilty. Sorry. I guess I'm wound a little tight tonight.