Re: where are *WORKING* archives of www-html mailing list?

Tony Bowden (
Wed, 18 Oct 95 14:42:13 EDT

"Daniel W. Connolly" <> writes:
>>Look, those comments were added to my message to ward off stupid replies
>>along the lines of "the archives are at
>>" and
>>"did you bother to report the failure?". At some point, I have to stop
>>adding disclaimers and send the message. But of course, there is always
>>someone (in this case *YOU*) looking to find something to twist and
>>misinterpret in an excuse to send flames.

>Guilty. Sorry. I guess I'm wound a little tight tonight.

I still think that this illustrates a reasonable point though - I run
numerous web sites and mailing lists as well as having a full time job,
doing post-graduate research, editing a magazine and managing a couple
of bands.

Yet time and time again I've had people complain when something goes wrong
with a mailing list or a web site isn't quite up to date. I don't mind
people pointing things like this out - in fact I appreciate it cos quite
often I won't notice myself for a couple of days - but people seem to take
it very personally if I take a couple of days to get back to them, or
reply that I'm too busy to do anything about it at the minute - expecting
me to drop everything just to be at their beck and call.

Much as I love the Internet and all it stands for it is becoming more and
more apparent that there a lot of people out there who want to bleed it
for everything they can and aren't interesting in contributing at all.
They expect everything to be there for them, when they want it, for no
cost, after all that's what this net thing is all about isn't it?


[and no, I'm not directing this Joe in the slightest, I'm merely commenting
on a worrying trend]