Re: Re: hidden source code html

William C. Cheng (
Tue, 03 Oct 1995 15:16:02 -0400

| >I would like to know how I could do "invisible" the source code html
| >when the web browsers uses "source view" features.
| >Is this a html server feature or a html special tag ?
| >Tanks for any support.
| Sorry, amigo. You are out of luck. This cannot be done, not in a way that
| will work for all browsers. You could write/modify a browser yourself if you
| want this to work for some kind of kiosk mode. If you just want to keep
| people from seeing the HTML that you are serving to the web at large, you
| can't do it.

Microsoft's Windows 95 Web Browser does not allow you to see the
source. I find it extremely annoying. One of the reasons the
WWW became so popular is this ability to ``share'' information,
ideas, and techniques. If it was just a marketing tool, it would
never have gone this far.

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