Re: hidden source code html

Kee Hinckley (
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 12:54:09 -0400

At 11:12 AM 10/3/95, Michael Johnson wrote:
>>I would like to know how I could do "invisible" the source code html
>>when the web browsers uses "source view" features.
>>Is this a html server feature or a html special tag ?
>>Tanks for any support.
>Sorry, amigo. You are out of luck. This cannot be done, not in a way that
>will work for all browsers. You could write/modify a browser yourself if yo=
>want this to work for some kind of kiosk mode. If you just want to keep
>people from seeing the HTML that you are serving to the web at large, you
>can't do it.

=46or what it's worth, Netscape doesn't allow you to view the HTML associate=
with a secure document. But clearly you can't count on someone not working
around that if they try hard enough (or write their own secure browser).

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