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D. Watkins (
Tue, 03 Oct 1995 19:21:28 -0500

>Microsoft's Windows 95 Web Browser does not allow you to see the
>source. I find it extremely annoying. One of the reasons the
>WWW became so popular is this ability to ``share'' information,
>ideas, and techniques. If it was just a marketing tool, it would
>never have gone this far.
>Bill Cheng // Guest at Columbia Unversity Computer Science Department
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This is not true with the latest version of Internet Explorer, the 2.0
Beta. Anyway, with any caching browser, the documents coming down are
in the cache if you know where to find them. Basically, there is no way
to hide the source of an HTML document, because the HTML must be loaded
to the user's local machine so her browser can interpret it.

Hope this helps,

D. Watkins
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