Re: Multi column layout question.

Mike Meyer (
Fri, 23 Jun 95 09:26:29 PST

> We really need the otion to place HTML text somewhere on a page, not either
> left or center. Or right.

Why? What problem are you trying to solve with this, other than
getting pages to format the way you want them to?

> This discussion began with the observation that many companies, with fast
> links and nice monitors, are making very wide pages.

That people are writing bad HTML and producing ugly pages is not - in
and of itself - a reason for adding new features to HTML. Better would
be to figure out why, and arrange things so they can do that, but the
rest of us can still get reasonable looking pages.

> Ultimately, it is just a desire to improve the experience fo exploring
> information on the Web.

Personally, I think it's a desire to make HTML act more like '80s
style DTP packages. That this removes 50% of the innovation in the
web, and will result in an incredible number of really ugly pages
doesn't seem to bother people.