Re[2]: Multi column layout question.
Fri, 23 Jun 95 08:01:06 PST

>>Then again, if *precise* formatting is vital to a specific presentation of
>>information, there *are* better tools than html ... and Adobe Acrobat, for
>>one, also allows article threading, among other features.

>The Problem is Acrobat generates very large files, especially with pictures.
(other comments deleted ...)
> Kit Blake

1) Acrobat files are larger precisely *because* they are used to render
visually rich information, including multi column, newspaper-style publications.
A PDF (Acrobat) file that presents the same information as an HTML file is not
orders of magnitude bigger. Also, HTML creators tend to create many small
linked files, while PDF creators tend to create larger files that may have
their own internal hypertext structure in addition to links to other documents.

2) Large files are only a problem if you have to download the entire document
to view it. Adobe has demonstrated a technology to allow the viewing of a page
at a time over the wire. This technology will ship towards the end of the year.

iz McQuarrie
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Acrobat Engineering