Re: ftp transfers of .htm to .html

Matt Foster (
Mon, 29 May 1995 01:35:56 +0500

On Thu, 27 Apr 1995, Alexander, Larry wrote:

> I am currently creating HTML files on my PC. The file name extensions are
> obviously filename.htm. When I ftp these over to my Sun workstation httpd
> server, I would like the filenames to be filename.html. Does anyone know of
> a quick and dirty method to rename these files when they are ftp'ed to the
> Sun? It's a real pain to remember to rename these all of the time.

What method are you using to FTP these files from your PC to your Sun?
If you're using a command-line interface such as ftp or ncftp, then you
can make use of the optional, second argument of the put and mput
commands. When you send the files from your PC to the Sun, then you can
just use a command like this:

ftp>put myhtml.htm myhtml.html

If you're usings a graphical-interface to FTP the files, such as
ftptool, then you should be able to like the target files name in a
text-box. It should be easily accessed when you're transferring the files.