Re: ftp transfers of .htm to .html

Christopher L. Werner (
Sun, 28 May 1995 22:34:07 +0500

Sorry if this has already been answered but your mail just arrived today...

'Normal' Sun ftp (your firewall version/PC version may differ) includes
the ability to both map one name to another and also bulk transfer files.
We typically use this feature to convert a VMS file name foo.she to a Sun
version of the program's

ftp>nmap $1.she s.$1

$1 is the foo or any name you specify.

The bulk transfer is done with:

ftp>mget *.she
ftp>mput *.she

resulting in all the *.she files converted to s.* on the destination machine.

Normally the ftp program will ask if each file is ok to copy which may seem
a little tedious - but you can type about 20 y y y y y's in advance (depends
on buffer memory size). ftp can be started with a -y option (I think) on the
Sun and it will assume all questions should be answered with yes. Why not do
this every time... if you connect to an ftp site and only want *some* of the
.htm or .exe or .whatever files you can say no to the few you don't want
instead of deleting them manually afterward.

ftp>nmap $1.htm $1.html
ftp>mput *.htm
ftp>y nauseum...

>I am currently creating HTML files on my PC. The file name extensions are
>obviously filename.htm. When I ftp these over to my Sun workstation httpd
>server, I would like the filenames to be filename.html. Does anyone know of
>a quick and dirty method to rename these files when they are ftp'ed to the
>Sun? It's a real pain to remember to rename these all of the time.
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>Larry Alexander

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