Re: HTML Strippers

Murray Altheim (
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 12:03:26 +0500

>Is there a utility to strip away HTML tags. Yes I know, WHY? I've been task
>to do such a thing at work. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
>Robert Mesa
>San Jose, CA


=46or those Macintosh users, I also remembered a US$5 shareware utility I
downloaded recently that strips out HTML. I've tested it and it seems to
work fine. I've posted it on my ftp server at:

Description and contact info below:


HTML Markdown 1.0
=A91995 by Scott J. Kleper

HTML Markdown is a program I whipped up in two days that removes the HTML
tags from a text file. HTML is the format used for the creation of World
Wide Web home pages. HTML uses "Markup" tags to embed commands within a
text file. HTML Markdown simply removes those tags.

Why would you want to do this? Several reasons. Many people who don't have
the advantage of a SLIP account or direct connection are forced to use
text-based WWW browsers like Lynx. Lynx is a great program, but if you want
to save a page to disk, Lynx also saves all the source. HTML Markdown is
also a good way to keep a hardcopy of your Web page. Most browsers can print
pages, but they also print all the graphics, which you may not want. If you
have another use of HTML Markdown that I haven't come up with yet, please
contact me at the email address below.

To use HTML Markdown, just drag and drop any HTML files you want to convert
onto the HTML Markdown icon. The program will automatically create a text
file for each HTML file. HTML Markdown will prompt you for the name of the
new file, with the current name as a default. Currently, HTML Markdown canno=
be run as a regular application - just as a drag and drop program.

HTML Markdown may be distributed free of charge on public bulletin boards,
=46TP sites, and CD-ROMs. For the latter, I request that I be notified befor=
my work is included on any CD-ROM. When distributing, the program must not
be modified in any way and must include this file. Users are free to use
HTML Markdown as much as they want for no charge. However, if you find this
program useful and use it regularly, I request that you send a $5 check to:

Scott J. Kleper
134 Caversham Woods
Pittsford, NY 14534

Registering HTML Markdown in this manner will entitle you to future upgrades=
a personalized copy of the current version, and personal satisfaction of
registering shareware.

If you want to contact me regarding a bug report or a suggestion, send email

Murray M. Altheim, Information Systems Analyst
National Technology Transfer Center, Wheeling, West Virginia