Sat, 29 Apr 95 08:42:53 PDT

Hello to all...
I have followed this list for almost a year now.
What I have learned has helped me create HTMLs. Thank you all.

I contract to the USDA\Consolidated Fram Service Agency. We have finally
set up a World Wide Web
It runs on a 486 Msdos based PC. The software we use is Major BBS from
Galaticomm. (I do not mean to plug or advertise any commercial product)

I am belive I am writting in HTML 2.0. I am having problems with forms,
ie: I can not save or "get the input from the forms. Our web is windows
based and I understand there is a way to interface our homepage /windows
to access a database, such as Paradox for windows.

Are there any "scripts"
that can be run on msdos/windows pc?

They/we plan to move to a UNIX box someday.

Please feel free to come to our page and look around. I will accept any
comments or critques?. I also want to setup a guestbook so visitors may
sign in.

Thank You very much
Willy Lehotz, Mastech Systems Corporation. A05wlehotz@ATTMAIL.COM