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Fri, 28 Apr 1995 19:33:20 +0500

IH] Is there a proposal for anything like an INCLUDE tag?
IH] e.g. <include src="">

JE] Netscape has invented an <EMBED> element, and deployed in
JE] the Windows version, but they haven't proposed it
JE] (or even *mentioned* it) on any of the discussion lists
JE] as far as I know. Not sure if it's exactly what you want.

I have tried the NetScape EMBED feature, but it not what I had in mind.
The embedded object (TEXT.TXT, PIC.BMP or whatever) is presented within
the Netscape window as an icon (TEXT.TXT shows the icon for my text editor,
although PIC.BMP displays as a real image (NETSCAPE: Why the difference?)
and a label giving the file name as it was on the server. Double click on
the icon and a local file is created and passed to the normal handler

What I wanted to see is the contents of the object as it would be
displayed if I had asked for it directly. If the object is HTML
then it should be parsed in context just like #include for C code.

JE] SGML has a mechanism for doing this, namely entity references:

Perfect! (NETSCAPE: Netscape 1.1 b4 please ...)

/Ian Higgs