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Torgeir Veimo (torgeir@ii.uib.no)
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 18:47:03 +0500

There has been a lot of traffic on this list which probably is of very little
interrest to most subscribers.

In order to help people scan and sort the list traffic, it would be helpfull
if all subject fields were prepended with a message type.

This list is from www-vrml. Replace 'vrml' with 'html' and you've got it.

ADMIN - List adminstration message
ANNOUNCE - General announcements for the VRML list
APPS - Applications for VRML
EDIT - Discussion of VRML editing tools and technologies
HTML - Issues specifically concerning VRML and HTML
LANG - Technical discussions of VRML as a language
MISC - Things that don't fit anywhere else
PHIL - Philosophical discussion of goals and visions for VRML
TOOL - Tools and technologies for VRML authoring/editing/testing
WEB - Issues specifically relating to VRML and WorldWideWeb

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