Re: Question about the Subscription.

Peter Bachman (
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 18:21:22 +0500

No, you are not allowed to unsubscribe to this list.

I would not want to, except that I have been asked to.

Even with my experience running a listserver, I can't seem
to do it, and I think it must have something to do with
a password I evidently got at one time, and nuked.

Perhaps Arthur should change his name from Secret to Sartre.


The web page does exist, and it has about the same effect as
trying to unsubscribe directly from the listserver. But it
does have a nice forms interface.

>Excerpts from www-html: 20-Mar-95 Question about the Subscrip.. Yoon
>KeonYeong@romance.k (199)
>> How can I subscribe the WWW related mailing lists like www-talk and www-ht
>Use the form at It's
>sooooo much easier to subscribe/unsubscribe.
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