Re: Anal retentive mailing list organization

Paul Ramsey (
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 20:44:48 +0500

> There has been a lot of traffic on this list which probably is of very little
> interrest to most subscribers.
> In order to help people scan and sort the list traffic, it would be helpfull
> if all subject fields were prepended with a message type.
> This list is from www-vrml. Replace 'vrml' with 'html' and you've got it.
> ADMIN - List adminstration message
> ANNOUNCE - General announcements for the VRML list
> APPS - Applications for VRML
> EDIT - Discussion of VRML editing tools and technologies
> HTML - Issues specifically concerning VRML and HTML
> LANG - Technical discussions of VRML as a language
> MISC - Things that don't fit anywhere else
> PHIL - Philosophical discussion of goals and visions for VRML
> TOOL - Tools and technologies for VRML authoring/editing/testing
> WEB - Issues specifically relating to VRML and WorldWideWeb

And while your at it please change your login name to to reflect who you are

BOZO - nothing you say is worth reading
NEWBIE - You ask stupid questions but you're usually on topic
EXPERT - Most of what you have to say is on topic and informative
KNOWITALL - You respond to everything that is said even if you don't have
anything useful to say
CLOWN - Your mail is not useful but it might be funny
POLICE - You try to tell everyone else how to compose an email message

This is sarcasm for those who didn't figure it out by now.

Considering that Torgeir didn't bother to specify a subject at all I that
that some simpler measures would probably improve things. Include a subject
and make it descriptive. I've seen attempts at getting people to use more
formal subject information but it doesn't work. You're likely to reduce the
mailing list to bickering over whether a particular message was properly

paul r.