Re: ADMIN: Ethics and www-vrml

Andrew C. Esh (
Tue, 28 Mar 1995 15:03:06 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 28 Mar 1995, Mark D. Pesce wrote:

> So, please, I ask that you move these *interesting* discussions to private
> groups; leave www-vrml mind share/mailbox bandwidth free for the wide array
> of technical issues that must be resolved in the next three weeks.

But ... but ...

I mean, I adopted the "PHIL" tag so the non-interested types can tune out
easily. Now here I am right in the middle of a discussion, and you want
me (and everyone I'm talking to) to take it to an undesignated place,
just so the technical types can save having to hit their delete key?

I realize the resources for this list do not come free, and I have been
feeling kind of guilty for stirring up such a fuss that is obviously not
of direct interest to the technical type, but this is really inconvenient.
What happened to the Oppenheimer idea? Don't the techies (of which I am
one) want to understand what ELSE they are about to create, indirectly?

I should think Wired would be just as interested in the social aspect of
this. Since there is no other place this could go, efficiently, what
you're doing is telling us to shut up. I could yell a bunch of stuff about
Freedom of Speech, and the First Amendment, and all that, but I'm not that
immature. I think you're throwing out the baby with the bathwater, here.
Aw heck.

Shutting up, Sir.

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