ADMIN: Ethics and www-vrml

Mark D. Pesce (
Tue, 28 Mar 95 11:41:39 -0800

VRML List Members:

The current discussions of the philosophy of virtual worlds design,
particularly in the context of VRML, are both broad and enlightening. It is
clear that many of us have thought through the issues confronting us; as we
concretize VRML and make it available worldwide (an event almost upon us),
we will do so with conscious knowledge of the consequences of our acts.
This is good.

However, our original intentions in establishing this list were to set up a
technical forum through which VRML issues could be addressed; and while all
of this philisophical debate is important, www-vrml is perhaps not the most
appropriate forum for this discussion. My concern is that the technical
list members, who are busily implementing soon-to-be-released VRML browsers
will find the S/N ratio (concerning technical issues) has fallen too low,
and will no longer consider www-vrml a good resource for addressing their
concerns. This would be a great loss.

So, please, I ask that you move these *interesting* discussions to private
groups; leave www-vrml mind share/mailbox bandwidth free for the wide array
of technical issues that must be resolved in the next three weeks.

Thank you.

Mark Pesce
VRML List Moderator