RE: VRML Backgrounder

Mark Waks (
Mon, 20 Mar 95 14:04:39 EST

Jan asks:
>Is the consensus that interactive behaviors will be added to VRML?
>The conceptual model that I had been working on is that we add scripted
>behaviors to VRML and add another protocol to handle interactivity.

I think that there's a definite consensus that we will *somehow* add
interactivity; I concur that we never really reached consensus about
how. Personally, I still quite like the OOGL approach to interactivity,
even though I didn't care for the OOGL language itself so much. (OOGL's
tools, as I recall, essentially define a simple Lisp dialect that allows
programs to mess around with the object database dynamically; outside
programs communicate by using this language as a sort of API...)

-- Justin
Who thinks that the VRML language is
probably poorly suited to true
interactivity itself; it's really
a good object-description language...

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