Clarification of VRML Backgrounder

Mark D. Pesce (
Mon, 20 Mar 95 10:57:34 -0800

VRML List Members:

I posted a VRML Backgrounder document that I'd been asked to write by some
commercial organizations who are quite interested in VRML. This
introduction was designed for the layman, and attempts to address the basic
genesis and design issues within the scope of VRML.

While I did indicate that VRML 2.0 will include support for behaviors (this
has been the consensus of the list membership for almost a year), I am
making no statement, publicly or privately, about what that mechanism might
be. However, this is a question I get asked *a lot*, and I felt it was
appropriate to address it in some manner. The statement I make about
interactive behaviors is intentionally vague.

I hope I caused no one any trouble.

Mark Pesce
VRML List Moderator