Re: Recent Message
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 03:35:38 -0500

"What did we do?" Unisys sat back while the world incorporated the GIF file
format, and therefore the LZW compression algoithm, into every major graphics
and multimedia program, including the WWW, knowing full well that the
technology was covered by their patent, and that the infringers had no
knowledge of their infringement. This is a blatent abuse of the power that a
patent endows. No wonder the media has a warped perception of the need for
and proper use of software patents. In fact, by doing this, Unisys has
opened the door for the patent to be virtually invalidated (or at least made
worthless), based upon the assertion that, by being aware of widespread
infringement and doing nothing about it, Unisys was giving the industry tacit
approval for that infringement.