Re: Making world/vrml a standard. (?interactive?)

Jan Hardenbergh (
Mon, 13 Feb 95 09:28:00 E

From: (Rzepa, Henry)
> As for world, I am not entirely happy with it as a descriptor of VRML.
> One might almost imagine that interactive/vrml would actually fit the
> bill, although a default action elludes me. After all, navigating a
> scene implies interactivity?

The "world" or "geometry" or "3D" content type is not inherently
interactive. However, it is a distinguishing characteristic of the 3D
data that it may be manipulated by a viewer. This includes navigating,
spinning, scaling, etc. This is done without fetching the scene again.

The archtypical 3D content is the spinning teapot. The content itself
is not changing, but the viewer is spinning it. I see this as exactly
parallel to a text viewer scrolling through pages of text.

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