PRESENCE: Vol. 3, No. 4: Special issue on Networked Virtual Environments & Teleoperation

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Wed, 1 Feb 1995 00:12:03 -0800

For those of you interested in networked virtual environments and teleoperation,
the latest issue of PRESENCE should be of some interest. Here is the Table
of Contents.

Michael Zyda
Co-editor of the special issue

Presence Volume 3, Number 4 - Part 1 of the Networked VE & Teleoperation
Special Double Issue (Vol. 4, No. 2 is part 2)
Table of Contents

Editorial Notes

Articles An Introductory Tutorial for Developing Multi-User
Virtual Environments
Rich Gossweiler, Robert J. Laferriere, Michael L.
Keller, and Randy Pausch

NPSNET: A Network Software Architecture For Large
Scale Virtual Environments
Michael R. Macedonia, Michael J. Zyda, David Pratt,
Paul T. Barham, and Steven Zeswitz

AVIARY: Design Issues for Future Large Scale
Virtual Environments
David N. Snowdon and Adrian J. West

An Operator Interface for Teleprogramming Employing
Synthetic Fixtures
Craig P. Sayers and Richard P. Paul

A Distributed Data Sharing Environment for Telerobotics
Lawrence A. Ciscon, James D. Wise, and Don H. Johnson

Co-CAD: A Multi-User Collaborative Mechanical CAD System
Mark A. Gisi and Cristiano Sacchi


Article Networked SPIDAR: A Networked Virtual Environment with
Visual,Auditory, and Haptic Interactions
Masahiro Ishii, Masanori Nakata, and Makoto Sato

Lab Review A Distributed Virtual Reality Simulation System for
Situational Training
Sharon A. Stansfield

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Michael Zyda
Senior Editor for Virtual Environments, PRESENCE