Re: VRML, the client and the third component

Linas Vepstas (
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 13:03:59 -0600

> From: Jan Hardenbergh <>
> To: www-vrml <>
> Subject: Re: VRML, the client and the third component
> Date: Tue, 06 Dec 94 15:35:00 E
> > Take a dig through the archives;
> Yes, I looked through the series: Re: VRML MUD's & Interaction
> > As I recall, we sort of tacitly
> > decided not to decide this issue quite yet -- first, we're going to
> > worry about getting the basic viewer technology up and running, then
> > worry about the harder problems like this...
> That's fine. But this sort of global picture needs to be kept in the
> spec/FAQ/...

I'm willing to put together a spec/faq/digest for the interaction,
animation and mud/moo issues, if someone volunteers to provide a
URL - home for the resulting document (our IBM types are picky about
what goes out on their corporate web server).

Also -- a show of hands from everyone please -- let me know if you
think this would be a waste of time, or is a useful undertaking.