Brian Behlendorf (
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 18:00:30 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 13 Dec 1994, Anthony Parisi wrote:
> > Brian Behlendorf writes:
> > > p.s. - Spent the week at various IETF meetings - does anyone suppose
> > > we'll have enough implementation experience to ask for a BOF meeting at
> > > the April IETF in Massachusetts?
> >
> > Does this mean we would ask the IETF to consider VRML 1.0 as a standard?
> >
> > -Jan
> >
> Yes to both. I claim that we'll have enough implementation experience by
> that time. We should even be messing around with rudimentary behaviors by
> then.

At least enough for a BOF, at which point we can vote on whether to get
Working Group status.

A quick poll - how many here have IETF experience? I don't have any more
than attending the last one and being involved in the HTML and HTTP
efforts. Someone with more experience than I will be needed to help
shephard this to fruition.

> As for Jan's question: of course we should ask the IETF to consider it a
> standard. I imagine there's a lot of lead time for that process; what
> better time and place to get started on it?
> BTW, what are the dates/times/places for the IETF conference? Does it
> conflict with the Darmstadt conference?

The IETF meeting is being held in Danvers, Massachusetts, US 3-7 April 1995.

The 3rd WWW conference is April 10-14, 1995, Darmstadt, Germany,
essentially the next week.

Sounds like it'll be a fun month!


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