Re: Inventor-based implementations of WWWAnchor/WWWInline

Al Globus (
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 15:04:02 -0800

My Inventor-based, complete-hack implementations of WWWAnchor and WWWInline
are now available at

I'm hoping an intrepid Inventor programmer will take them as a starting point
and implement a really smart VRML browser. So please feel free to do
whatever you want with the code.

I got a copy of this browser and it does work (although I had
to mess around a little). In a couple of weeks I intend to
integrate these nodes into a local Inventor browser and replace
the current html hacking with calls to LibWWW. If anyone gets to
this first, would you mind letting me know so I don't have to
reinvent? Thanx.