PRESENCE Call for Participation: The Human Figure in VE Systems

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PRESENCE: Call for Participation: "The Human Figure in VE Systems"

PRESENCE will devote a special issue to "The Human Figure in Virtual =

Environment Systems". Co-editors of this special issue are David =

Zeltzer of MIT and Michael Zyda of the Naval Postgraduate School.

The focus of this issue is on both hardware and software technologies =

for integrating the human figure into VE systems, either as =

"autonomous actors" under program control, or as "guided actors"
controlled by humans in a master/slave mode. Areas of interest =

include, but are not limited to:

-- Applications that require or would benefit from the inclusion of =

human figures;
-- Representing, controlling and interacting with autonomous human =

-- Technology for instrumenting human VE participants; Software for =

recording and interpreting human movements and managing interacti=
ons =

with actors and objects in the virtual world;
-- Technologies that allow combinations of human participants and =

autonomous or guided actors to jointly manipulate objects in the =

virtual world, perhaps with force feedback.

Human figure simulation research has been ongoing for several =

decades. We are particularly interested in papers that survey and =

reflect on the "grand challenges" for human figure simulation and =

interaction, including discussions of the nature of progress made in =

the field in the intervening years, and the difficult problems that =

remain unsolved. What will be the likely state-of-the-art of human =

figure simulation in five years? In fifty years? =

We are interested in technical papers, position papers surveying the =

field and forum papers describing the frontiers of integrating the =

human figure into VE systems. We have the complete issue to fill, =

which means we desire=CAtraditional research papers, lab reviews, and =

"What's Happening" submissions. For the What's Happening section, =

we request information on conference announcements, and other =

VE/teleoperation events.

PRESENCE is the premier journal of teleoperation and virtual =

environments. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration with the =

understanding that they represent original material and are not =

being considered for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts should be in 12 point type, using double-spaced pages =

for all text, including references. For more information, see the =

"Instructions to Contributors" note on the inside back cover of =

PRESENCE Vol. 3 No. 2 and later issues. Please include an electronic =

mail address to which receipt acknowledgment can be sent. FAXed =

submissions will NOT be accepted.

Send 7 copies of each submitted paper (one for each co-editor, and =

one for each of 5 reviewers) to David Zeltzer at the following =


David Zeltzer
PRESENCE Human Figure Issue
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 36-763, 50 Vassar Street
Cambridge MA 02139
Tel: (617) 253-5995
FAX: (617) 258-7003

The deadline for submissions to this special issue is May 15, 1995. =

Submitted papers must be at MIT by that date in order for us to =

have sufficient review time for our publication schedule. =

Important deadlines:
-- Submission of papers: May 15, 1995
-- Acceptance notification: July 15, 1995
-- Submission of final, camera-ready papers: September 1, 1995