Wed, 09 Nov 94 18:56:10 -0700

I apologize, It has been ages since I last posted to this list. Credentials (?):

* Undergrad student at Utah State University
* Employee of Black Dragon Press (International RPG Publisher)
* Co-Creator/designer and subsequent administrator for development on NetrekII
* USU's web administrator (
* Primary developer of the Cold Dark, ColdMUD's oldest running world
(accessable via telnet:// and/or
* (random other things)

The Cold Dark is where I plan on implementing the protocol with VRML scenes
(amoung other things). Feel free to connect as guest and talk with me.
The Cold Dark is running ColdMUD, which is a successor to MOO.

Ob VRML related comment:

Due to lack of time, I have only been a rafter observer of the discussions
here. One thing I would wonder about is how easy it may be to describe
virtual objects without any 'virtual background' information, and have the
sub scene imbedded within the place scene for where it is located, etc.
I realize this is not directly involving VRML, and is mostly design work in
a non VRML sense, but has anybody thought on the methodology involved for
generating scenes of this sort on the fly?

-Brandon Gillespie-

(Is this the type of identification you wanted?)