Re: A full-fledged VRML proposal

Dave Raggett (
Fri, 16 Sep 94 17:47:46 BST

Justin (Mark Waks) writes:

>>I will work through the Inventor Mentor and your proposal to try
>>and come up with cleaner syntax than can be easily parsed into
>>the underlying scene graph.

> No. I'm sorry, but this kills the whole idea. The point of using
> Inventor in the first place is that it's a language that's already
> out there, being used by a whole lot of people.

> But the syntax is the heart of the language. Change that, and we've
> got an entirely different language, and have just sacrificed the
> benefit that would have accrued from using Inventor...

My interpretation of the choice, was that Inventor represented a mature
approach for rendering VR, and that the key was the formalism for node
properties and scene graphs, as proven effective for *execution*. The
opportunity to provide a prettier and easier to work with syntax in front
of this formalism still seems an interesting goal to explore. It may turn
out of course that the OI ASCII syntax is just dandy though ...

Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

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