A full-fledged VRML proposal

Gavin Bell (gavin@krypton.engr.sgi.com)
Wed, 14 Sep 1994 12:29:30 -0700

The last several days I have been working on a proposal for exactly
what I think VRML should look like. My proposal is based on the Open
Inventor file format, plus two extensions.

It is accessible from the VRML home page, or directly from:


I would like to see the people on this mailing list discuss:

-- all of the issues brought up in the proposal (see the paragraphs in
the proposal that begin with Issue:)

-- general comments from people who will be writing scenes and tools
that generate scenes; is there anything that you really really really
want that isn't in the proposal?

-- comments from people who will be writing VRML implementations; is
there anything that will be really hard to implement?

I'm planning on changing the proposal as consensus is reached on the
issues it brings up, consensus is reached on proposed changes to it,