LANG: OI, or how i learned to love BASICA

Wed, 14 Sep 1994 15:02:26 -0700 (PDT)

howdy all,

seems to me that if we don't have a parser written yet, and there is use of a
commercial standard which could (not will: could, which is still in the realm
of possibility) provoke legal troubles, we should succumb to the inevitable and
write a better form of code/API/whatever and then create the parser -- an
entirely new, specific system which will accomplish what OI will except (given
competent design):

- less work (that is: more specific code)
- more expandability in current context
- no issues of loyalty, business, etc.

as for mr. pesce's concern that he have something in just six weeks, sure, base
a prototype upon OI if you must. and learn from what it doesn't have. but i'd
argue the end standard would want something different.

also i think it relevant to point out that those in authority come in several
forms, but those that are there simply as restrainers and logical relators of
discussion should probably think twice about assuming a perspective of
promulgation of position while in that office. however i think until recently
it has not been an issue, as this list has been run well -- i commend those who
do it, as i wouldn't want to try to run this thing, as i -- i am only an

hail our dark master,

- sven

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