Standard Graphics Set

Gregor Markowitz (
Wed, 7 Sep 1994 11:24:37 -0400 (EDT)

I'm not in the virtual reality business and fairly new to the list.
I need to ask this question, though.

Why not create a VRML client add-on for Mosaic, for instance, which
would contain a standard graphics building block set, wherein almost all
of the graphics are already contained in the client, a wall section,
a door section, a desk, a window, etc. If standard sized graphis were
used in every client, it would simply be a matter of turning on each
building block at a certain screen location, next to other building
blocks to create a whole "room".
This would allow truly full graphical high resolution screens using
only a tiny bandwidth to transmit the screen placement calls.

The graphics set, in compressed form, would be downloaded once, and
then used from then on. Several of the graphis slots would be left
as optional, so custom graphics could be transmitted with the page
to give a unique look to each "room".

If I can play modem DOOM at 9600 baud, then why am I not looking at
a MUD or MOO with outstanding graphics?