Re: Scripts vs APIs

David Cake (
Mon, 5 Sep 94 18:42:29 WST

I think that VRML should basically be a description language, and there
should be some sort of standard API for dealing with some of the things that
are not completely handled by the description language.
FOr example I am thinking of a situation where the API might include
things like create <object> or transform <object>, the actual object
descriptions will be written in VRML, and then by either writing directly to
the API or by using some sort of scripting language you create tools that
create VRML objects with useful and interesting properties.
I think that the name VRML is a trifle misleading. VRML is likely to
be used as much like a MOO/MUD/MUSH as a like a WWW HTML document.
Most HTML documents simply present information, and VRML probably will be used
for a wider variety of things. Because of this I think that a scene
description language is not enough.
Dave Cake